Hello gentlemen,

Here is a little update of actual and upcoming changes with YFL!

  1. First, let’s give a warm welcome to Kate our new booking assistant! Kate is an experienced Montreal secretary and she is very nice but also very busy so please make sure to always reconfirm your appointment the morning of your rendez-vous. If she is trying to reach you to confirm and can’t get a response from you, she might cancel the appointment,
  2. Please be on time for your appointment, planify time to look for parking
  3. Please read our new page ETIQUETTE. It is very important to understand that shower is MANDATORY, no exceptions! The companions have the right to refuse the full menu if you refuse to take a shower
  4. Because of the hotels prices + general augmentation of the cost and since the models are independents, each of them will select a different set of donations that they are comfortable with. Always make sure to have the exact donation details before going to your appointment. There will be a general donation page + set of donation in each model page available very soon.
  5. We love our regulars so we will soon add a private section for members for extra pictures + other perks. We will also have a mailing/texting list so you can receive weekly updates and perks if you wish.
  6. And last but not the least; If you are happy with the companion you’ve met, don’t forget to write a review! A lot of you say you will do, but doesn’t. This is very important to insure the success of the trip of our companions i.e. the quality of the companion interested to come to your city!!

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon!