Dear gentlemen

summer is here and as you all know, the cost of life really went up in the last year and by the same way, the costs for the touring companions; especially hotels wise! Prices has almost double up since last year without even talking of the rise of hotels prices in the summer time (that can triple up or even more). Lately, some of the ladies has brought to our attention that; with all the fees of travelling, it is not as tempting to travel anymore…

They though about raising up the donations but let’s try another method for now… Let’s talk about tip; like a “summer tip” for at least the period of May 2024 to sept. 15th 2024 to cover their augmentations in hotels costs

Suggested tip:

Hh 10$
1H 20$

We are leaving this to your discretion but of course the ladies will share this infos between them and will decide if this suggestions has been followed and if not, they will have no choice to officially put up the donations. Please keep in mind that these changes are made in order to maintain quality & quantity of the touring companions and tips are going directly to them.

We would like your opinions on this, as well as suggestions of concrete solutions (specific condo or airbnb suggestions (we do not want to venture) or other areas that are cheaper and convenient for you..)

Thank you in advance for your comprehension and help
The French ladies xxx